Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Offering Complete Control and Enhanced Security

We have spent years fine-tuning our selection of open-source tools in production to meet the most demanding use cases.


Choosing Between On-Premises and Cloud Architecture Based on Your Needs

With OpsVox, benefit from the best of IaaS, whether you choose a classic host or a cloud host. We offer a varied range of virtual machines, increased security, and additional services to boost your applications. By managing your infrastructure, we allow you to focus on your core business. Choose performance coupled with peace of mind with OpsVox.

Choosing your cloud provider

Additional Services and Tools

Like numerous IaaS providers, OpsVox offers supplementary services such as databases, analytics, AI. to optimize your applications and processes.

Security and Compliance

IaaS cloud providers often invest in high-level security measures to protect their customers' data, including cryptography, firewalls, intrusion detection, and other controls.

Simplified infrastructure management

By opting for an IaaS service, the entire infrastructure management is delegated to the service provider, allowing you to focus on tasks more directly related to your business.

Access to low-level infrastructure services

With an IaaS infrastructure, you have the ability to configure and operate low-level aspects such as networking or storage.

Direct interfacing with physical hardware

IaaS offers the possibility to directly interface with the physical hardware, which can be beneficial for resource-intensive applications or those requiring maximum performance.

Tailor-made selection of virtual machine images

IaaS providers frequently offer an extensive selection of virtual machine types that you can choose based on your needs. It is also common to create custom images as per the requirements.

Our services

Invest in peace of mind, we take care of your infrastructure

Our expertise lies in assisting businesses with the installation and maintenance of their cloud computing infrastructure. Whether it is managed by us or an external host, we implement solutions that adapt to a wide range of European or International cloud platforms.

Our methods include the use of open source tools from HashiCorp, including Terraform for secure resource orchestration and Ansible (IBM/RedHat) for configuration control, thereby contributing to standardized environments and reducing human errors.

These methodologies, falling under Infrastructure as Code ((IaC)) , are pillars of our approach to ensure solid and reliable management of your cloud infrastructure.

For more advanced cases of cloud infrastructure services and IaC, our team takes a holistic approach to further enhance the management of your systems.

Firstly, we optimize images using Packer and Cloud-Init, thereby reducing the startup time of instances. For dynamic systems, we use Consul for automatic node identification, ensuring flexible and adaptive infrastructure management. We also employ Nomad for lightweight orchestration of processes, making deployment and resource management tasks simpler and more efficient.

In order to further improve the reliability and maintainability of our systems, we are strengthening the rules to compensate for the absence of a framework in Ansible, thereby helping to maintain the code. Our approach favors immutable infrastructures to minimize risks and ensure consistency.

Finally, we make it a point of honor to encrypt internal network communications to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit within your infrastructure. This set of techniques and tools ensures a robust, secure, and optimized cloud infrastructure management.

Monitoring plays a crucial role in optimizing performance and ensuring constant availability of your cloud infrastructure. OpsVox has developed a selection of open-source tools dedicated to proactive and efficient monitoring.

We offer services aimed at improving the performance of your system and quickly detecting anomalies, while also monitoring resource saturation (disks, CPU, memory, network). We provide precise monitoring of many essential services as well as your business metrics, thus empowering your teams to maintain independence over the systems.

The relationship between monitoring, logs, tracing, and observability is essential for effective system management and prompt problem resolution. Observability is a comprehensive set of various services that can become time-consuming, which is why we prefer the vision of the company Grafana, which proposes centralizing all these services in a single repository

Opting for OpsVox allows you to benefit from a readily available supervision system that offers service continuity, fault tolerance, scalability, downtime reduction, and resilience.. We are equipped to manage the evolution of your infrastructure, minimize downtime, and prepare your system to face any challenges.

In an increasingly complex digital world, application performance is crucial. At OpsVox, we understand the importance of evaluating the impact of your applications on your system and network resources. Employing benchmarking, we assist you in optimizing your infrastructure and enhancing the efficacy of your applications.

An essential tool we use in this process is K6 from Grafana, a high-performing and flexible open-source load testing tool that allows us to simulate traffic to an application or website and analyze performance. Here are some practical use cases inspired by k6:

  • Load testing an e-commerce site: As the Black Friday approaches, an e-commerce client wants to ensure that their site can withstand the increase in traffic. With k6, we simulate high traffic and measure the site's ability to respond correctly to requests. The results help us identify weaknesses and address them before the big day.
  • Measuring the impact of an application update: When a company deploys a new version of an application, it is essential to evaluate its impact on system and network resources. We use k6 to simulate expected traffic and analyze the application's performance. This allows us to anticipate any potential issues and make necessary modifications.
  • Evaluating the performance of a streaming service: A video streaming service wants to understand why some users experience buffering issues. With k6, we simulate different usage scenarios and analyze the service's performance to identify the causes of the problem.

These practical use cases illustrate how benchmarking can help improve the performance of your applications and optimize the use of your system and network resources. At OpsVox, we are committed to helping you achieve your performance goals.

Security is an essential aspect of any cloud infrastructure. At OpsVox, we make it a point of honor to design secure architectures, manage identity and access management (IAM), control images and services through continuous integration, and perform regular infrastructure audits. Here are some examples illustrating our approach:

  • Identity and Access Management: For a client requiring multi-user access to their cloud resources, we have implemented a centralized and deployable strategy. This has allowed for granular access control and seamless tracking of access changes by integrating with the client's internal tools, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized data access.
  • Code Image and Service CI: To ensure that all code updates are secure before deployment, we use a CI pipeline that performs automated security tests. This helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they reach the production environment.
  • Infrastructure Audits: For an e-commerce company, we have implemented an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). This tool monitors network traffic to detect suspicious activities that may indicate an intrusion attempt. This device is essential for ensuring a quick response to any potential security incidents.
IaaS vs PaaS

Maximizing IaaS for Your Applications

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides unmatched flexibility and is a preferred playground for us, leveraging our in-depth expertise in systems, networks, and their automation. We have developed proven solutions that can be deployed on demand, based on carefully selected open-source technologies. This allows us to provide the missing layers on top of the low-level IaaS cloud offerings, if needed.

We are able to deploy the necessary services for the operation of your applications on IaaS clouds, even those that have not yet reached the level of sophistication of major players such as GCP, AWS or Azure. This allows you to access sovereign clouds or take advantage of the financial benefits offered by the many hosting providers on the market.

After a thorough analysis of your specific needs, we help you choose the cloud provider that will best cater to your requirements.

Furthermore, our architectures are designed to be highly compatible with various platforms. This facilitates migrations, thereby minimizing the efforts and costs associated. With OpsVox, you can fully enjoy the benefits of IaaS while remaining flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of your business.


Flexibility, optimization, and cloud growth

Flexible inter-cloud migration

Our expertise facilitates seamless transitions between cloud providers, providing the opportunity to benefit from superior features and prices whilst maintaining the flexibility to adapt according to needs.

Scalability Management

Faced with increased traffic or demands, the pricing model of cloud providers allows for easy adjustment of resources based on needs, thus optimizing costs.

Focus on Innovation

The cloud frees businesses from infrastructure constraints, allowing growing companies to focus on the development and improvement of their product.

Cost Optimization

Our expertise in Cloud enables us to identify underutilized resources, provide advice on optimal sizing, and maximize infrastructure efficiency, thereby reducing unnecessary expenses.

Flexible Pricing Model

By offering various pricing options, we adapt to the specific needs of each business, whether it's usage-based pricing, monthly packages, or customized models.

Hassle-free Scalability

The Cloud offers the possibility to adapt the infrastructure to the company's growth without the constraints associated with physical infrastructure, allowing for simple and efficient resource adjustment.

Optimisation of your cloud costs

Efficiently utilizing the Cloud can bring significant financial benefits through its flexibility and potential for cost optimization.

The ease of adjusting resources makes managing demand peaks easier. Additionally, the scalable nature of the Cloud promotes a rapid response to growth.


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