Automation and security

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in open-source technology, our team is devoted to ensuring the security of your infrastructure right from the source.

Our vision

Protecting from the outset

We prioritize security from the early stages of designing and developing an infrastructure. This approach, often referred to as 'security by design' allows us to identify and address security issues proactively.

This vision ensures the protection of all things related to the system infrastructure and much more, by taking care to identify the business needs of the applications that will be hosted there.

This philosophy underscores our commitment to providing secure, robust, and reliable solutions to our clients.

security by design
Built-in security

Our architecture services: prioritizing security

Our services ensure the implementation of tested practices to guarantee the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. We manage the installation, configuration, and maintenance of your systems while ensuring optimal security.

To do this, we implement a business continuity plan in case of an incident that requires identifying what is important and preserving it. Finally, we create a phased security approach that is custom-designed for each specific need.

Immutable infrastructures

We build immutable infrastructures to minimize the risks associated with uncontrolled changes. This means that once a resource is deployed, it is not modified, thereby avoiding potential security issues that may arise from unforeseen changes. For any modification, we deploy a new instance of the resource.

Zero trust / multi internal TLS

By adopting a zero-trust approach, we ensure that every access request is authenticated, authorized, and encrypted. This eliminates any implicit trust and enhances the security of your network. Additionally, we deploy internal TLS at scale to secure all communications within your infrastructure.

Zero Secret Knowledge Architecture

We implement a secret management system like Vault in combination with a hardware security module (HSM) to securely store and manage secrets like API keys, passwords, and tokens. With the auto unseal option, we minimize the risks associated with the loss of encryption keys.

Observability (mesh)

We are deploying a service mesh to enhance the visibility and security of communications within your infrastructure. This enables us to monitor, control, and secure traffic in a granular manner, and to quickly identify and address security issues.

Registry + Scans

We use tools like GoHarbor for container registry management. GoHarbor provides not only a storage location for your container images, but also security features such as vulnerability scanning, image signing, and policy enforcement to ensure that only safe and approved containers are deployed in your infrastructure.

API management

We implement API management solutions like Kong or Gravitee to secure, manage, and monitor the use of your APIs. This includes protection against attacks, user authentication, and access control.


We enhance the security of your micro-services by isolating them from each other to avoid compromising the whole system in case of a vulnerability. We use service mesh to secure and facilitate communication between these services, in addition to message broker systems like RabbitMQ, Kafka, or Mosquitto.


We use EBPF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter) to monitor and secure the network at a very basic level. It allows fine observability and the ability to apply network-specific security policies in Kubernetes environments.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide robust and tailored security solutions for your IT infrastructure. By combining proven traditional methods with innovations from the open-source world, we offer a comprehensive service that not only protects your data and systems but also facilitates their management. With us, the security of your infrastructure is not an option, it's our commitment.

Incident Response

Cybersecurity in the Age of Automation

At OpsVox, we turn cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for strengthening. Our incident response service is designed to help you anticipate, prepare for, and respond to cyber attacks with efficiency and resilience.


Our supervision solution is your first line of defense against cyber attacks, providing early detection of incidents to minimize the time between the attack and the response. It provides robust traceability, ensuring compliance with current regulations and facilitating security audits. Our solution even goes as far as monitoring suspicious behaviors after an initial attack, thus blocking further attempts of unauthorized access in a post-exploitation malicious access prevention process. Additionally, it collects detailed incident data to improve understanding of the nature of the attack, thereby facilitating the implementation of effective corrective measures and enhancing incident response agility.

Faced with the increasingly automated nature of modern cyber attacks, we have made automation our ally. As soon as an incident is detected, our automated systems come into action to contain the attack. We assess the magnitude and implications of the incident to effectively prioritize recovery measures. Working in collaboration with you, we strive to limit damage and restore your operations quickly. Throughout this process, we are committed to transparent communication to keep you informed of the situation and the steps taken to resolve the incident.

To ensure effective and rapid recovery in case of an incident, we develop a robust BCP together with you. This plan outlines the procedures to quickly restore your essential services and data following a cyber attack. It includes the transition to backup systems to ensure business continuity. In addition to that, the BCP includes corrective measures to strengthen your post-incident security, thus helping to prevent future breaches of your infrastructure.

Integrating proactive monitoring, automated incident response, and a strong BCP, we deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses cybersecurity challenges, ultimately creating a more secure and resilient business.

Threat Monitoring

Keeping an Eye on Security: Our Supervised Approach

Threat monitoring is a crucial practice in today's cybersecurity landscape. As a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) service provider, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal security for our clients. Threat monitoring allows us to stay ahead of recent attacks by identifying cyber attack trends and reacting proactively to prevent incidents.

We have implemented several solutions according to the needs of our clients and the size of their infrastructure to guarantee this monitoring. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are one of these tools. IDS can be NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) or HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System). NIDS monitors network traffic to identify suspicious activities or policy violations, while HIDS is installed on a specific host and monitors system logs and local activities to detect any intrusion. In both cases, these systems also consume resources, and their implementation should not add any risk of failure. At OpsVox, we are the preferred ally for the selection, configuration, and long-term evolution of these security solutions.

We also use honeypots, which are intentionally vulnerable systems designed to attract attackers in order to collect information about their methods and tools. This information can be used for legal purposes, as well as to generate valuable statistics that allow us to better understand and anticipate cyber attack trends.

Lastly, following the best practices of SRE, we strive to maintain a single repository to simplify usage and link security monitoring to the overall supervision of our systems. This enables a unified and consistent view of our infrastructure, thereby facilitating the detection and resolution of issues.


Enhanced Security for Your Kubernetes Clusters

Our expertise extends far beyond simply installing and maintaining Kubernetes clusters. We are committed to protecting your digital assets by ensuring security at all levels of your infrastructure.

One of our main strengths is our in-depth knowledge of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certifications, especially the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) certification. You can learn more about this certification through this link: CKS Certification. This certification ensures that our engineers have a solid understanding of the best security practices for Kubernetes, thus ensuring the security of your clusters.

We are also active proponents of open-source communities and closely follow OWASP's recommendations, particularly their Top 10 Security Risks for Kubernetes Clusters. This knowledge enables us to effectively and rapidly prevent, detect, and respond to potential security threats.

Additionally, we have experience with advanced threat monitoring solutions, such as Falco by Sysdig. also supported by CNCF. The use of such tools allows us to identify and respond to security anomalies in Kubernetes environments in real time.

Lastly, we have proven expertise in deploying Kubernetes clusters for HDS-compliant hosting needs: Health Data Hosting. This strict regulatory framework in France, aimed at ensuring the security and confidentiality of health data, imposes numerous security constraints, such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, access traceability, and regular audits. By meeting these requirements, we ensure that your health data is stored and processed securely.

By choosing OpsVox, you are not only choosing cutting-edge technical expertise, but also a partner dedicated to the security of your digital infrastructure.

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