Machine Learning for Medical Imaging

Wediagnostix is dedicated to enhancing healthcare by offering advanced diagnostic tools to physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Their solution leverages deep learning in conjunction with a cloud computing platform.

Wediagnostix places a strong focus on adhering to European laws, which promote using national hosts for storing medical data.

Client Case

Deep Learning: A Significant Game-Changer in Dental Imaging

WeDiagnostix combines deep learning and dental imaging with expertise in radiograph interpretation, harnessing the potential of graphic processors. With our expertise in creating images for automated learning with Python, we optimize production chains for specific distributions, avoiding generic builds such as Ubuntu. This method provides us with complete control and enhanced security, enabling swift implementation of fixes.

We use a Cloud infrastructure that complies with health data standards, structured around a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This ensures cost control, flexibility, and optimal security, while guaranteeing the integrity and confidentiality of data, which is essential in healthcare.

The Infrastructure-as-Code approach accelerates deployment and ensures reproducibility of environments by minimizing configuration errors. Lastly, deploying CI/CD through GitHub enhances and simplifies code delivery, guaranteeing fluid updates and better service quality.

Using GPUs for healthcare image processing

Private cloud IaaS architecture

Infrastructure-as-Code deployment

CI/CD applied to GitHub Action

'Witnessing the fruition of this project is an immense pleasure. It perfectly encapsulates our passion for quality and safety!'

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