Innovative startup in cybersecurity: a collaboration that ensures a modern and secure IT infrastructure

Yogosha is an established startup operating in the complex and demanding field of cybersecurity. It has been shaped by the conviction that it is necessary to rethink traditional approaches to cybersecurity in order to simplify the software ecosystem.

As a Vulnerability Operations Center, Yogosha provides a vulnerability management platform that facilitates collaboration between ethical hackers and development teams.

Client Case

Security-First: Automation and Securing of an Infrastructure for a Bug Bounty Company

Our expertise in infrastructure and computer security was sought to assist Yogosha, a Bug Bounty leader, in ensuring maximum protection of sensitive data from its clients.

We had to develop and supervise a secure Cloud infrastructure.

We managed to refine the process to reduce startup times and improve the deployment cycle. This allowed us to get closer to the flexibility offered by containers and GitOps approaches, while maintaining optimal security levels and efficient utilization of virtual machine resources.

In addition, we conducted specific research and development missions to promote and support innovation within Yogosha.

Automation of service installation on an IaaS cloud

R&D missions to support innovation

We have adopted the DevOps approach to enhance agility and startup times, without using containers.

Implementation and supervision of a secure cloud infrastructure

Selection of a certified sovereign cloud host by the ANSSI for optimal isolation

Ensuring optimal security and efficient use of VM resources


"We have honored our commitment to quality by collaborating with Yogosha. By using the latest technologies in a cloud environment, we have ensured optimal security and performance for their infrastructure, making it a collaboration of which we are proud."

Nothing beats real-life examples!

We offer you to download different customer cases highlighting various aspects of our services.

For example, you will find the evolution from expressed needs to their realization, the expertise in selected technologies, and the applied methods.

Some automations will be accessible, others will be anonymized for confidentiality reasons. If you require a more in-depth demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us.