Containers as a Service (CaaS)
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We have spent years perfecting our selection of open-source tools in production to meet the most demanding use cases.


Revolution of automation
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OpsVox reinvents the cloud with robust Containers as a Service (CaaS) solutions, surpassing the limits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our services assure high-level portability, ideal process isolation, and rapid deployments.

With integrated infrastructure management and powerful orchestration tools like Kubernetes, we simplify the automation and management of your applications.

Additionally, our dedication to security seals the resilience of each container deployed. Join us in exploring the future of cloud computing, a future where security and automation are inseparable.

Container Security

Portability and independence of the operating system

Containers can be deployed on various platforms and operating systems without major modifications, while in the case of IaaS, transferring a virtual machine from one environment to another can lead to compatibility issues.

Process isolation

Containers provide better process isolation compared to traditional IaaS environments. Each container operates its own processes in isolation, thus limiting the effect one process can have on another.

Resource Efficiency

Containers are generally lighter than virtual machines as they share the same operating system, allowing them to use fewer system resources.

Rapid Deployment

Containers can be deployed more quickly than virtual machines as they do not require the full installation of an operating system.

Integrated Infrastructure Management

CaaS providers, which we are part of, typically handle the underlying infrastructure, which can lighten the load on development and IT operations teams.


CaaS platforms often include orchestration tools like Kubernetes, which help manage and automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Container as a Service (CaaS) facilitates continuous integration and deployment by its ability to create consistent test and production environments.

Our services

Infrastructure solutions for container deployment and orchestration

We offer complete and secure management of your Kubernetes cluster. Our team ensures stable updates, guaranteeing flawless reliability. Furthermore, constant monitoring is in place to ensure the smooth operation of your services.

Security is at the heart of our priorities. None of our containers or hosting systems escape us. A rigorous control of the hosts that carry the containers is carried out with every modification of the images, including the kernel, which also receives special attention. Finally, we also automate (DevSecOps) the delivery of each container to our repositories, which are signed to prevent any corruption. Audits, including RBAC and security logs, are regularly carried out. We also use OpsVox package signatures for enhanced security.

We align ourselves with the OWASP Top 10 principles for Kubernetes, thus offering a higher level of security. Our teams also handle the management of your storage for maximum optimization.

We do not overlook specific resources such as GPUs, and we strive to maximize their potential. Finally, we ensure the scaling of your nodes. Thanks to our expertise in managing hypervisors, including VMware, KVM, Proxmox, Xen, CloudStack, and SmartOS, we guarantee smooth and seamless scalability.

Our company is innovative. We implement open-source solutions that are reviewed and optimized by our experts. These solutions integrate perfectly with our managed Kubernetes. However, they remain compatible with Kubernetes clusters managed by market hosting providers.

Our offers revolve around several key points:

Mesh/MultiTLS: We offer a secure mesh configuration. It relies on the MultiTLS protocol for robust encrypted communication.

0auth: We integrate 0auth authentication. It ensures high-level access security to your resources.

Secrets Vault vs Base64: Forget Base64 encoding. We prioritize the use of the open-source solution Hashicorp Vault for more secure secret management.

CNI: The Container Network Interface (CNI) is an important part of our offering. It facilitates the interconnection of your containers, and we adapt different options based on your needs.

Load-Balancers L3 Network: Our service includes Level 3 (L3) network load balancing. It optimizes the flow of data between your different services.

Ingress: Our solutions include multiple ingress options. Choose from Nginx, HAProxy, or Traefik based on your needs.

We assist in installing and creating optimized Docker images and Docker Compose services for development and continuous integration environments.

Key points of our offer:

Docker Compose vs Kubernetes: We guide you in choosing between Docker Compose and Kubernetes, explaining the differences and use cases of each solution.

CI/CD: We support you in integrating Docker and Docker Compose into your CI/CD pipelines, for quick and reproducible deployments of your applications.

Development environment: You have the choice between Docker alone or a lightweight Kubernetes cluster, such as K3s, for your development environment.

We strive to provide you with quality services, getting straight to the point. If you want to benefit from our expertise in installing optimized Docker images and Docker Compose services tailored to your development or continuous integration environments, our team is ready to help you.

Is your current infrastructure overwhelmed by metrics and logs? Our specific offer allows you to separate these workloads from your operational cluster.

With us, you can benefit from a dedicated cluster for your metrics, based on Victoriametrics. Think strategically for long-term storage, and plan your annual budget with peace of mind.

Discover also our Loki cluster, implemented in H.A. mode, for object storage of logs. This ensures secure data while optimizing your costs.

Our service includes optimized dashboards and dedicated support. We help you remove unwanted metrics, preventing cardinality issues.

At our company, we enhance your CI/CD. We achieve this through the use of GitOps for seamless management. ArgoCD is our flagship tool for precise synchronization and efficient configuration management. We adapt to your continuous integration, whether it's GitLab, Jenkins, or others, while working with your Docker images.

We lighten your pipeline. We replace your runners with K3s clusters, which are lighter and faster. We study security from staging to production, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted flow. We identify bottlenecks in your pipelines. Why? To accelerate Time to Market, so your product reaches the market faster.

With us, everything is taken care of. We deploy a turnkey CI/CD system, optimized and under our supervision. Why? So that you can focus on what really matters: your product, your vision, your success.

Discover our specialized services in infrastructure architecture and automation. As Kubernetes experts, we optimize the storage of your files.

Here are our main areas of intervention:

Cost reduction: We target economic efficiency. Your expenses decrease without a negative impact on your productivity.

Improvement of IO: We boost your performance. Input/output operations are accelerated, thus optimizing your infrastructure.

Data redundancy: We minimize the risk of data loss. By duplicating the information, we ensure its constant availability.

Data security: We protect your sensitive information. With our solid security strategies, your data stays protected.

Our company provides personalized assistance, with tailored solutions in a CaaS environment, while ensuring the management of your PRA. This multidimensional approach aims to prevent unexpected situations.

At the core of our services, we manage CaaS, such as Kubernetes, and PRA. PRA is not just a technical aspect; it also engages the entire company and includes a financial service guarantee. In a CaaS environment, although container management is generally highly resilient, other surrounding services can become single points of failure, or SPOFs. An SPOF refers to a system component whose failure results in a complete system shutdown. It is therefore crucial to identify them and implement measures to prevent their failure.

We take into account the diversity of infrastructure and needs, offering a solution that is tailored to each context. By conducting a thorough study of PRA, we help anticipate and prevent potential disasters.

We offer a hybrid management solution for digital transformation, seamlessly integrating legacy applications and native cloud developments.

SmartOS, at the heart of our offering. An operating system for virtual machines and containers. Performant, flexible.

Kubevirt, the Kubernetes extension. Allows traditional VMs to coexist with the cloud environment. Smooth transition.

The Mesh, network unifier. Connects your on-premises networks to Kubernetes clusters. Optimized capacity overcommitment management.

Our offering, your solution for a serene digital transformation.

Our list of presented services is not exhaustive. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet all your needs. Contact us to discover our complete offering and discuss your specific requirements. No request is too complex for us, we are ready to take on all challenges.

Managed Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Tailored to Your Needs: A Competitive Substitute for Public Cloud

Our flagship service: a managed Kubernetes cluster, tailor-made to compete with public cloud offerings. Its advantage? Adaptability. Kubernetes is an assembly of multiple open-source solutions, making each installation unique and perfectly suited to your specific needs.

At our place, you will discover a wide choice of hosters. Several advantages come from this: lower costs, responsive services, specific hardware.

If your current hoster does not meet all your needs, we are here to enhance your functionalities.

Our specialty: open source services for over 20 years. Our priority: software automation. We are proud of our expertise, a valuable know-how that can complement that of your hoster.

Security? Essential. Segmentation, on-premise virtualization for optimal protection. Trust us for your IT needs.


Increase Efficiency with CaaS

Refreshed experience through the use of modern technologies

CaaS (Containers as a Service) offers a modern approach to infrastructure management, promoting traceability, collaboration, and automation with the use of GitOps.

Independence of registries and development teams

Adopting image repositories associated with CaaS technologies like Docker and Helm enables development teams to work independently, optimizing the development cycle.

Core of Open Source: Benefits for startups and value creators

CaaS, deeply rooted in the Open Source ecosystem, stimulates innovation, promotes transparency, and reduces costs, which is particularly beneficial for startups and value creators.

Task separation: Maintainability and Scalability

CaaS improves the division of tasks between the development and operations teams, while facilitating the scaling of cloud-native applications, thereby enhancing the maintainability and scalability of the system.

Redesigned interconnections: Mesh and business facilitation

Service mesh technologies, favored by CaaS, offer robust and flexible interconnections between services, facilitating business transactions through more reliable and secure connections.

Node Provisioning and Scalability Reviewed for Virtualization

With CaaS, the ability to quickly provision nodes offers greater flexibility and scalability management compared to the traditional approach to virtualization.

Infrastructure as Code: Declarative and Orchestrated

By advocating for infrastructure as code, CaaS allows for detailed and efficient system management, simplifying infrastructure management while improving traceability and reproducibility.


CaaS revolutionizes IT infrastructure management. By adopting modern technologies and principles like GitOps, it provides better collaboration and improved traceability. The independence between registries and development teams speeds up the development process.

Deeply rooted in Open Source, CaaS drives innovation while reducing costs. It facilitates task division, improving system maintainability and scalability. Service mesh technologies simplify interconnections, facilitating business transactions.

Rapid provisioning of nodes with CaaS surpasses the traditional approach to virtualization. In addition, infrastructure as code makes infrastructure management simpler and improves traceability. Overall, CaaS offers financial benefits by making processes more efficient.


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