Tailored Collaboration to Meet Your Needs

The key to a successful project lies in paying attention to details. We are committed to listening, advising, and creating a personalized solution that aligns with your requirements.

Initial Contact

We attentively listen to your needs and, if necessary, provide support for an initial audit of the existing circumstances.

This step allows us to understand the specific requirements of your business in order to provide you with a tailored study.

Study and validation

We take the time to study the solutions that best fit your needs.

We prepare a liaison document describing the different technical choices and steps that have been selected, which will be furnished to you along with our cost projection.

Implementation and delivery

As your solution is implemented, we keep you updated on the progress at each stage specified in the coordination document.

Finally, the solution will be managed by our team or uploaded to a secure code repository as part of an automated deployment process.

Transfer and Maintenance

We document our deliverables and assist you throughout the process in order to ensure their proper understanding and use.

We make sure to evolve our solutions over time and have attractive maintenance packages based on your needs. Feel free to discuss them with us.

(*) During our initial contact, if we determine that a significant amount of time needs to be allocated to auditing or studying your needs, we will inform you of a pricing scheme that will be reduced upon acceptance of the final quote.

Your partner for hassle-free infrastructure

Freeing yourself from operational constraints and gaining peace of mind is what OpsVox offers you. Through our expertise in infrastructure automation, we allocate more time to your team so they can focus on expanding your projects.

Infrastructure automation, necessitating a diverse set of skills like networking, system administration, cloud computing, clustering, application comprehension, security, and observability, is a challenging discipline that we have mastered. By opting for an infrastructure automation specialist, you delegate your infrastructure to experts who guarantee a high level of service.

OpsVox utilizes a standardized environment, adhering to CNCF standards and respecting open-source licenses, to guarantee efficient and secure deployments. Our paramount goal is to offer you peace of mind while preserving controlled management of your resources.

Mastered resources, guaranteed performance

Building upon expertise that covers the lower layers (baremetal) to the higher layers (cloud services and container orchestration), OpsVox stands out as a competitive player in resource management and optimization of their consumption. This in-depth mastery of your infrastructure allows for a reassuring level of robustness without neglecting access to the most modern features that open-source solutions bring.

To complement this mastery, our approach relies on a standardized environment, aligned with CNCF standards and respectful of open-source licenses, ensuring scalable and secure solutions.

By managing your resources in an automated and proportionate manner, we maintain a balance between allocated resources and performance to ensure an optimal environment. It is partly thanks to our expertise and rigorous methodology that we manage to avoid any unnecessary consumption of your resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost reduction.

Our Packages

Navigating with agility through the ever-changing waves of the IT industry, our company constantly adapts to meet the evolving needs of our clients. While our catalog includes various packages, we have condensed the essence of our service offerings here for your convenience.

Evolutionary maintenance package

6 months of commitment

System and network maintenance

Use of our repositories

1 hour of video conference / week

Contact via ticketing or slack

Updates to your services

Contact us

No commitment

Audit & consulting

R & D



Cloud computing

Request a Quote


Disaster recovery

Solutions for overloads


DevOps/GitOps/SRE assistance


Emergency contact

(*) Price including VAT as our company is based outside the EU.

For a more detailed exploration of our services, do not hesitate to engage in a conversation with us. We are always delighted to provide you with more information and guide you towards the solution that best suits you.

Nothing beats real-life examples!

We offer you to download different customer cases highlighting various aspects of our services.

For example, you will find the evolution from expressed needs to their realization, the expertise in selected technologies, and the applied methods.

Some automations will be accessible, others will be anonymized for confidentiality reasons. If you require a more in-depth demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us.