For limitless control, have you ever considered implementing an automated (on-premise) infrastructure?

We have spent years perfecting our selection of open-source tools to meet the most demanding cases in production.


Select either on-premise or cloud architecture that best suits your needs

It is important to note that the advantages of on-premise architecture should be evaluated taking into account the specific needs of each company. In some cases, a cloud architecture may be more appropriate due to its advantages such as ease of deployment, data redundancy, and resource elasticity.

Infrastructure size

Total control

Startups have full control over the IT infrastructure, allowing them to customize and optimize the system according to their specific needs.

Enhanced security

Companies can institute their own security measures and controls to protect sensitive data by avoiding risks associated with data transmission over the Internet.

Reduced latency

On-premise architecture reduces latency by bringing computing resources closer to end users, which is important for applications requiring low latency.

Regulatory compliance

Innovative companies are able to better meet regulatory requirements regarding data privacy and localization by keeping data on-site.

Scalability and flexibility

They have better control over available IT resources and can easily add new servers or upgrade their infrastructure to meet growing demand.

Long-term costs

While initial costs may be higher, in the long run, an on-premise architecture can be more cost-effective than paying monthly fees for cloud services.

Our services

A Trustworthy Alternative to Cloud Services

OpsVox offers two essential types of services:

  • IaaS allows you to benefit from a complete virtual infrastructure, similar to that of a public cloud, directly within your current hosting solution (DataCenter, standard host, or HDS host). You can deploy and manage virtual machines, storage, and networks with total flexibility, while retaining control over your sensitive data.
  • CaaS, on the other hand, offers you the power of containers to efficiently run and orchestrate your applications. With our expertise in on-premise solutions, we help you set up containerization environments such as Kubernetes or Nomad, which allow you to deploy and manage your applications in an automated, scalable, and highly secure manner, without relying on a third-party cloud.

By choosing our services, you benefit from significant advantages compared to traditional cloud solutions.

First of all, you have full control over your infrastructure and sensitive data.

You can adapt resources and configurations according to your specific needs, without any restrictions imposed by a cloud provider.

Furthermore, our open-source approach offers maximum flexibility to customize and optimize your environment according to your preferences.


Bare Metal

Premium Bare Metal: Broaden Your Business Horizons Like Never Before


Bare metal, or dedicated server, provides a solid foundation for your systems. It offers total control, optimal performance, and enhanced security. As experts in systems and network architecture, we specialize in managing these powerful servers. We therefore build a robust and reliable infrastructure for your business.

Bare metal is available in numerous locations. Whether it's from reputable service providers, data centers, or traditional hosting companies, the options are vast. Our role is to help you navigate this landscape and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Managing virtualization is a crucial aspect of using bare metal. As experts, we take this responsibility seriously, collaborating closely with data centers. We ensure that your infrastructure runs seamlessly and promptly resolve any issues that may arise. This allows you to focus on your core business.

After installing bare metal, our service doesn't end. We facilitate the installation of upper layers, providing flexibility and agility equivalent to that of the cloud. This way, you benefit from the security and performance of bare metal while enjoying the user-friendliness and flexibility of the cloud. It's a perfect balance, carefully orchestrated by our dedicated team.
Optimized Budget

Sustainable Cost Optimization

Choosing Physical Resources (Bare Metal)

By opting for specific physical resources, you only invest in what is essential to your business, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Installing Specific Services

By choosing only the services that are essential to you, you optimize your budget by avoiding paying for superfluous features.

Unique Infrastructure Architecture

Tailor-made infrastructure allows for more efficient use of resources, thus optimizing your long-term expenses.


Investing in customized infrastructure gives you full control over your sensitive data, avoiding potential costs associated with security issues.

Utilization of Specific Resources

Access to specific resources, not available or costly within a standard Cloud service, can generate long-term savings.

Financial Interest Threshold

Depending on your needs and expected duration of use, investing in a custom infrastructure can prove to be more cost-effective than a standard Cloud service.

Cost Optimization

At OpsVox, we understand that implementing custom infrastructure represents an initial cost. However, these investments are justified by significant savings made in the long term.

We strive to design tailored and efficient infrastructure solutions that respect your needs and budget, while prioritizing security and resource management.


Automated Deployments to Empower Your Team

Let us handle complex tasks such as platform selection, resource management, and system service configuration. We are committed to providing automated and adaptable deployments, allowing you to focus on your core business without worrying about technical details. Avoid squandering valuable time and money in integrating specialized skills. Choose OpsVox and transform the way you manage your infrastructure.

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